Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Domes

We took the twins to the domes for the first time last week. They were impressed to say the least. Oscar could not take his eyes off of the train exhibit and was content to stand and watch the locomotives as they chugged past again and again.

Nuala and Ruari made the rounds together (it's so nice having older kids who want to help out once in a while!). Can you spot them in the crowd?

Nuala was curious about the dome itself, and kept staring up at the great architecture in wonderment, giving it some serious thought....

We met my friend Lori there with her son Logan and it was a great way to spend a frosty winter day, especially since the Domes are free to county residents from 9-11:30 every Monday morning.

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Anonymous said...

what little cuties! I just took Alex there today and he seemed to like it too.