Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Trouble With Technology

Help, I've created a monster.
I can't tell if I want to marry my computer or put it out on the curb with a "free to good home" sign attached to the front. I have taken great pride in the fact that the babies do not watch any television. None of our kids do really, just some special movies from time to time, but even that is limited, and they are all wonderful readers and have creative minds, in part because we don't allow much television. They find all sorts of ways to play with and entertain each other, it is really quite fun to listen to them during some of their quiet playtimes, they come up with some fantastic material, dorky at times, yet fantastic all the same....

And yet here are the babies, they cannot get enough of the computer. Nuala is obsessed with music and when she wants you to turn some on (which is pretty much always) she does this ridiculously cute arm pump which is apparantly her sign for iTunes. 

*Little known trivia about the history of Nuala and music*
When we first brought the babies home from the hospital, and were trying to adjust to having two newborns in our lives, I had a really hard time learning how to tandem nurse. So for a good 4 weeks I stuck with rotation nursing, which was good in the fact that I could ease into breastfeeding and bad in the fact that I was constantly nursing one baby. Constantly! This of course also meant that often times there was a hungry baby waiting their turn in line, rather impatiently. One night Brendan was trying to soothe Nuala and just out of sheer luck he found a secret weapon. 
James Brown. 
From the second he played her "the Boss" ("Payback" is a close second), she was magically hushed, calm and quiet. It was really quite amazing.....as any mom of a screaming infant can attest to, when you find a secret weapon you want to weep with joy. We must have listened to that song a million and one times over the past 14 months and even now it is one of her favorites, which is fitting since she does indeed view herself as none other than the boss. 

So does computer time count as television time?

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