Friday, January 2, 2009

For the record

Let me just say that the start of 2009 has been dicey. As previously mentioned, there has been much debate about pacifiers in our house and we just recently agreed that we were nearing the end of this tenuous relationship. Nothing lasts forever right? So we decided that as of January we would toss the Nuks and finally be pacifier free.
The only problem with this is that we forgot to ask the babies how they felt about it.....

And we now have two incredibly tired and crabby babies on our hands. They are completely bewildered by the absence of their pacifiers and lost 5 hours of sleep over the course of one day. I can safely say that our initital day of transition did NOT go smoothly, wish us luck for tomorrow!

Aside from the pacifier withdrawl, our day was very pleasant, Sarah came over for lunch and what better way to celebrate than with some scrum-didlee-umptious TACOS! I couldn't resist this colorful moment, but of course it tasted even better than it looked. I've been photographing a lot of food lately...........
Maybe I'm pregnant! :)

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