Friday, January 23, 2009

*Tooty Fruity*

***Imported from Just9isFine. Originally posted 5/16/2008***


I feel like a million bucks, like a teenager in love, like a honey bee. Like a promise you never broke or a secret you never told. I feel like an act of kindness, like a deep bellied laugh.

You know that first morning in spring when you wake up and the grass has turned green overnight, and the trees are budding and you feel an overwhelming sense of rebirth and elation? I feel like spring time. I feel better than spring time.

I feel just Tooty-Fruity.

Nuala Whitefeather has finally slept thru the night.

9pm-6am. Alert the press, call all your family, friends, neighbors, order a round on me and never say never! Now if I can only figure out how to persuade her to do it again tonight......


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