Monday, January 12, 2009


I have a ton of work to get to today, most of which involves cleaning something, so needless to say I am dragging my heels a little bit and procrastinating in front of the computer. The day got off to a bad start with a 5:45am wake up call from Oscar which soon afterwards woke his big sister, who by the way comes fully equipped with much larger lungs and a lot more determination. I thought they they would calm down after a reassuring "we're still here to love you, now go back to sleep" pat on the back from dad, but no such luck. And so we had a stand off  and let me just say that it did not end well. I'm pretty sure all 4 of us felt pretty crummy this morning, I just hope we can shake it off and get on with it.

Tonight Brendan and I are going out for sushi once all the kids are tucked in, so at least we have that to look forward to. Don't worry, no raw fish for this momma, just some spider rolls and maybe some miso soup. I discovered this wonderful sushi bar last week when I went out with some girlfriends. Admittedly, I was tremendously skeptical at first and there were definitely some red flags involved. First of all the restaurant is in a strip mall, ummmm, enough said. Secondly, Monday night is half off night, which raises all sorts of questions for me regarding the freshness of their selection, but since I was not ordering any raw nonsense I decided to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the place was packed, with large parties waiting around the bar, and the food was delicious. So delicious in fact, and half off to boot, that I began plotting my return before I even left. Lucky for us we could coax some grandparents into coming over after the kids are asleep tonight, so we can slip away for some hibachi and Japanese fried ice cream. Some day soon I'll be able to enjoy a little sake as well, but for now I will settle for a shirley temple with an extra cherry or two.

The other work I need to get started on involves our old blog, Just9isFine. I am ready to make our move to 100 Fingers 100 Toes permanent, but there are some archived entries over there that I don't want to lose. So I am going to be importing some older posts over here, and I just have to figure out the easiest way to tackle the beast. The good news is that I was rather sluggish about keeping up with that site, and so there is not an overwhelming amount of transferring to do, but it just seems rather tedious to me all the same. Blogger won't let me slide them into the back, which chronologically would be ideal (I'm a Montessori girl through and through, and the sequence of things is a real deal breaker for me) so unfortunately I just have to bring them all over at once and get it over with, even though they'll be here in the wrong PLACE. I've decided I'd rather have them out of place then not have them at all. 

Here's some eye candy for real rhyme or reason, just didn't want to leave you hanging without a picture or two.

Nuala stretching before yoga class

Since Nuala's bangs are so long now they are constantly in her eyes and so we're trying the barrette thing to 'see' if we can avoid a haircut. So far her bangs are still in her eyes, but she sure does love playing with her barrettes :)

And Oscar's spirit

I think the great thing about this picture is that it was taken right after he fell and got his first black eye on the fireplace woodbox. Hence the tear. I tried to no avail to apply ice, but he would have no part of it. This picture speaks volumes to me about his presence.

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